New Omitec OmiScan

OBD-II, EOBD, Rover MEMS (Engine management), 5-AS Security ( Immobiliser Blip Programming )

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The OmiScan handheld diagnostic tool is a robust diagnostic instrument, which provides the service technician with a convenient, easy to use tool for performing EOBD/OBDII diagnostics, K Series Mems Engine Management, 5-AS Security (Immobiliser Blip programming)

This unit usually retails at 995

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Dial up Connection

Broadband Connection


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Dial up Connection

Broadband Connection


EOBD / OBD-II protocols (languages)

Manufacturers using the ISO protocol in their vehicles (2001 on) are as follows:
Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar (X300 and XK
series), Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan,
Peugeot, Renault, Saab, Skoda, Subaru, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen (VW),

Manufacturers using the PWM protocol in their vehicles are as follows: most petrol Ford vehicles sold in Europe after 01/01/2001.

Manufacturers using the VPW protocol in their vehicles are as follows: most petrol Chrysler vehicles sold in Europe after 01/01/2001

Suitable for:

2000 on Vehicles OBD-11 / EOBD

Rover 1995 on K series engines with a 16 pin Data Link Connector shown below

16 pin DLC




Lotus Elise

Ariel Atom


100 Engine MEMS 1.6

100 Engine MEMS 1.9

100 Security 5-AS

New Rover 200 Engine K-Series Vi

New Rover 200 Engine MEMS 1.9 KMPi

New Rover 200 Security 5-AS

New Rover 400 Engine MEMS 1.9 KMPi

New Rover 400 Security 5-AS

800 Engine MEMS 1.6

800 Engine MEMS 1.9

25 Engine MEMS 3

25 Security 5-AS

45 Engine MEMS 3

45 Engine EMS 2000

45 Security 5-AS

75 Engine MEMS 3

75 Engine EMS 2000

75 Engine MEMS 1.6 MPi

75 Engine MEMS 1.6 TBi

75 Engine MEMS 1.9

Mini Engine MEMS Mpi

Mini Engine MEMS 1.6 TBi

Mini Security 5-AS

MGF Engine K-Series VVC

MGF Engine MEMS 1.9 K-Series

MGF Engine MEMS 3

MGF Security 5-AS

MG ZR Engine MEMS 3

MG ZR Security 5-AS

MG ZS Engine MEMS 3

MG ZS Engine EMS 2000

MG ZS Security 5-AS


MG ZT/ZTT Engine EMS 2000


  • Engine Mems 1.6, 1.9
  • Engine 2.0J, 3.0 EMS 2000
  • Security 5-AS Immobilizer BLIPS Programming,
  • OBD11
  • EOBD Compliant
  • Connects directly into the vehicle diagnostic J1962 connector
  • Powered from the vehicle
  • Updateable by CD
  • Backlit 4x20 character screen
  • 6 soft feel buttons
  • Fault code reading
  • Erase and clear fault codes
  • Live data
  • Freeze frame data (where supported by vehicle)
  • Test parameters (where supported by vehicle)
  • Switchable values (metric/imperial)
  • Technical support line
  • Linkable to computer or computer network
  • Economically priced
  • Easy to follow on screen instructions
  • Powered from the vehicle
  • CAN (Controller Area Network) ready
  • Onboard enhanced P (DTC) codes
  • Audible confirmation of key presses
  • Oil & grease resistant


  • Omitec Omiscan Unit
  • Instructions
  • 1 Yellow 16 pin DLC cable for Security applications
  • 1 Black 16 pin DLC cable for MEMS and EOBD applications
  • 1 Diagnostic adapter cable
  • 1 PC link cable
  • 1 Power supply (for use when connecting to a PC)
  • 1 Power supply Adapter
  • Pre-loaded software to cover MEMS
  • Pre-loaded software to cover Rover 5-AS Security (Immobiliser Blip programming)
  • Pre-loaded software to cover EOBD Vehicles
  • Storage case



  • Printer
  • Ethernet / network link


OBDII Scanner Modes Supported

  • Mode 1 Monitor current Powertrain data
  • Mode 2 Monitor freeze-frame data
  • Mode 3 Request emission trouble codes
  • Mode 4 Clear emission trouble codes
  • Mode 5 Request O2 sensor test
  • Modes 6 & 7 Monitor on-board test results
  • Mode 8 Bi-directional tests
  • Mode 9 Vehicle Identification

Protocols Supported

  • SAE J1850 PWM
  • SAE J1850 VPW
  • ISO 9141-2,
  • ISO 9141-4
  • ISO 15765 (CAN)

Additional SAE and ISO Standards Conformance
SAE J1978, SAE J1962, SAE J1979, SAE J2012, SAE J2205

Regulatory Standards
Meets UL201, CE and FCC Class A standards

Unit Housing
Rugged ABS plastic housing resistant to flame, workshop fluid and impact, scratch resistant Acrylic screen

OBDII Connector
D connector type 3m (9.75 ft.) cable with molded SAE J1962 connector

Unit Weight and Dimensions
Weight (handset only): 2 lb.
Dimensions (handset only): 4.5" X 8.5" X 1.5"

Unit Display Parameters
Four line text with backlight

Six rubber molded keys

Temperature Range
Operating: 0oC to 40oC (32oF to 104oF)
Storage: -20oC to 50oC (-5oF to 122oF)

Examples Of Optional Supported Vehicle Systems (Optional)

  • ABS
  • Automatic transmission
  • SRS
  • Airbag System
  • Parking aid
  • Tyre pressure system
  • Climate control

Printing Results (Optional)

You can print full live data reports and any apparent diagnostic trouble codes for the customer or keep for shop records (with the optional strip printer)

OmiScan Sample Screens (Click on a Screen to see a larger version)



Fig. 1
Main Menu

Fig. 2
Parameter Data Information

Diagnostic Trouble Codes - Descriptions
OmiScan also offers onboard enhanced P codes, and their descriptions, for many vehicles so you do not have to constantly refer to a manual. Simply access the code information from the OmiScan itself. Onboard enhanced P code database for: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Jaguar, Mercedes, Saab, Mazda. With more on the way!

  • Exercise many vehicle components with OmiScans bi-directional controls
  • Multiple language support, English, Spanish and French.

Suitable for any vehicle which has a K series engine fitted - MG Rover, Caterham, Lotus Elise, MGF and Ariel Atom. This is a robust, portable, diagnostic device which enables you to perform EOBD/OBD11 diagnostics as well as fault code reading, erasing and clearing fault codes, viewing live data and freeze frame data (where supported by a vehicle). It has an easy to follow on screen instructions. The scan tool itself is black, comes in a rugged carrying case with 3 diagnostic cables, each with a unique colour coded connector, an instruction manual and pre-loaded software to cover the following: EOBD/OBDII diagnostics, K Series Mems Engine Management, 5-AS Security (Immobiliser Blip programming)

  • This unit usually retails at 995